Energy storage allows you to maximize the use of the energy your solar panels produce. This allows you to use self-produced energy during peak hours when energy rates are higher.

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Saves you money

Energy storage can be used as a backup during outages, giving you resilience against disruptions.

Provides Emergency Back up

Santa Ana Battery Storage EASE Back up

Energy storage allows you to store excess energy when the sun is out and gives you the power to use it when the sun is not shining

Gives you flexibility in the resources you use

Santa Ana Battery Storage EASE resources

Energy storage improves the efficiency of the grid and reduces the need for building new pollution-emitting power plants

Reduces your environmental impact

Santa Ana Battery Storage EASE Environmental

Benefits of Energy Storage

How Solar Energy Storage Works

1. Sunlight hits the solar panels
and generates an electric DC current.

2. The current flows to the inverter,
which converts it to an AC current

for use in the home.

3. The electrical panel then distributes this electricity throughout your home.

4. Unused electricity is stored in your battery storage for later use.

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