Participant Testimonials

"I wanted to add battery storage because electrical rates continue to rise and battery storage would help me store the energy the solar was producing. The Ease Program is fantastic!"

S. Mahoney, EASE Participant: Battery Storage Installation

"I wanted to save on electricity. The EASE incentive and solar tax credit helped lower the cost of installing solar. Great installment!"

Sa Mai, EASE Participant: Solar Installation

"We are trying to get away from fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint. The EASE incentive provided a good opportunity to go solar. The EASE Program is great. They are very efficient and responsive."

Dave Bhasin, EASE Participant: Solar Installation

"We have been interested in installing solar in our home for a long time, but the high costs of installing a solar system preventing us from doing so. The EASE program provides financial incentives, on top of other existing federal and state incentives, protects us against rising energy costs, increases our property value, and protects the environment. The cash rebate for an installed solar energy system under the EASE program was the main reason why we decided to install solar in our home... we wouldn’t install solar without it."

Ken Nguyen, EASE Participant:  Solar Installation

Participant Installations