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Installation in progress. This EASE participant will be enjoying the benefits of going solar very soon!

EASE installation Santa Ana Solar Incentive Program

SANTA ANA, November 17, 2020. 

New Solar Incentive Program Comes to Santa Ana

SANTA ANA, April 27 2020. Kitu Systems, in conjunction with Southern California Edison, is rolling out a solar and storage incentive program called EASE, funded by the Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. The EASE program aims to evaluate the effects of high penetration solar energy and battery storage systems on the grid. In exchange for customer participation, EASE offers up to 100 eligible participants serviced by the Camden Substation, in Santa Ana, significant financial assistance to deploy solar energy systems..


Solar-Log and Kitu Systems, Inc. Boost Availability of Rule 21 Solutions in California

March 16, 2020. Bethel, CT: Solar-LogTM and Kitu Systems, Inc. announce a collaboration to offer expert solar plant monitoring, control, and communication solutions which meet the new California’s Rule 21 mandate. Starting on March 22nd, all smart inverters deployed with solar and energy storage installations in California are required to be capable of communications with the utility and provide a set of grid-support functions.