Greatly reduces or even eliminates your monthly electric bill



After switching to solar, you will receive a dramatic reduction in your monthly electric bill. 

Protects the environment by powering your home with clean and renewable energy


Going solar greatly reduces your carbon footprint. An average residential solar energy system eliminates  tons of carbon emissions each year. 

May ease your worries in an era of rising utility costs



Investing in solar lets you hedge against the rising residential utility cost and better manage your monthly expenses.

Increases your property value




Research shows that homes with solar energy systems have a higher property value and sell more quickly than homes with out solar power.

Did you know going solar....?

How Solar works

1. Sunlight hits the solar panels
and generates an electric DC current.

2. The current flows to the inverter,
which converts the DC current to an AC current 
for use in the home.

3. The electrical panel then distributes this electricity throughout your home.

4. Excess electricity flows back to
the grid through the utility meter,
adding credit to your bill.

solar panel home.png