You will receive an exceptional incentive, which will greatly reduce your costs. You may be qualified for other incentive programs through the state or county which may lower your costs further.

You will enjoy the many benefits of going solar such as a reduced electric bill, increase in your home's value and more.


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The EASE Program Santa Ana




EASE (Electric Access System Enhancement) is part of a Department of Energy Project called ENERGISE.

Learn more about the ENERGISE project here.


The EASE Project team will evaluate the effects of high penetration solar energy systems and battery storage systems on a single substation of Southern California Edison's electric network. The project team will deploy innovative technologies to assess the effect of distributed energy resources on grid stability and reliability.


EASE offers incentives for residential and commercial installations within the area served by the Camden substation in Santa Ana. The incentive is offered in exchange for customer participation in the distributed energy coordination system operated by Kitu. Specific incentive amounts which will help offset the costs of equipment and installation, vary depending on the system size and type.

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What is EASE?